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Northants Linux User Group

The Northants Linux User Group, is a small, friendly, informal group of Linux users. Our members span the entire range of Linux users from first time users to Linux professionals. The group has a mailing list, an IRC channel and holds fairly regular meetings.


Meetings are held on a fairly regular basis at a members house close to Northampton. The time and place of meetings are announced on the mailing list.

Mailing List

Northants LUG's mailing list allows members to chat to each other via email. The mailing list is low traffic (on average, about 10-15 mails a week). A web front end is provided for those who wish to join the mailing list. An archive of previous postings to the list are available to those who have joined the list.


Some members of the LUG chat in an IRC channel (Internet Relay Chat) on called "#nlug".